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About Us

About BVB International Academy America

BVB International Academy was started in 2006 on the three core pillars of Character, Quality and Tradition.  With three teams, two coaches and a vision to become the best youth soccer club in America we strove to be different, to innovate and professionalize the club soccer approach in Texas.  Thirteen years later we are still driving forward with new opportunities, unafraid to always do what is right for our players and families on and off the field.

In 2019 we were offered a unique and amazing opportunity to do what no other club has done.  To truly partner with two international brands who focus on player advantages, opportunities and development.  Never have we had the opportunity to wrap the level of support around our players, teams, coaches and families as what this trilogy presented and on behalf of our clubs we did not hesitate to say, “Absolutely!”

The first founding beam in the trilogy is Borussia Dortmund.  As the official United States Partner of Borussia Dortmund, we are both privileged and responsible for creating the world class training environment and resources for every BVB International Academy Club in America.  The partnership with Borussia Dortmund’s Academy in Dortmund Germany allows us to:

  • Embrace and create the training environment and attitude of the finest quality that produces real opportunities for players to reach their potential
  • Understand and replicate the methodology and training focus needed at the highest levels
  • Demand excellence and quality in all aspects of the game
  • Create professional pathways for our players at different age levels
  • Offer the opportunity for players to be identified early in their career and then monitored for progression year to year by coaches from Borussia Dortmund’s academy
  • Develop coaches to their highest potential with exchange and learning opportunities
  • Implement playing style and player milestones like the professional environment
  • Use resources directly from the academy
  • Represent nationally the Borussia Dortmund brand, the club’s history and the outstanding reputation for player development

The second beam in the trilogy of support is our uniform provider, PUMA.  The history of football itself is intertwined with the legendary beginnings of PUMA.   Across Europe, the far east and in the western hemisphere PUMA is redefining the grassroots efforts of support for their athletes and teams across multiple sports, cultures and ages.  Unafraid to embrace differences, and careful to preserve tradition, PUMA comes at support for the clubs at all angles including:

  • Grassroots events and name recognition
  • Financial support for player opportunities
  • Coaching development support and resources
  • Gear and field equipment that sets us apart
  • Customer service second to none
  • National and International marketing and social media support in the form of campaigns, imagery, information and resources

And finally, the internal development of resources completes the BVB International Academy trilogy. 


  • Access to the Borussia Dortmund Methodology and Curriculum
  • Elite Leagues – National Footprint
  • Coaching Development Pathway- Licensing and Training Internationally
  • Coaching Accreditation – Supported through and BVB
  • Online Library for Sessions
  • Evaluations
  • Coaching Education- 6 times per year


  • The Training Grounds
    • Championship Field
      • Full concession Stand
      • Ticket Booth
      • Fully fenced
      • Fully Lighted FIFA regulation size
    • Clubhouse
      • Offices
      • Meeting Rooms
      • Video Review Area
      • Conference Room
      • Full Concession Stand
      • Outdoor Restrooms
    • Five Outdoor Lighted Training Fields
  • Six additional facilities across the DFW metro area
    • Total of 10 additional fields
    • Lighted
    • Access to restrooms
    • Public Access

COLLEGE PROGRAM:  The College Athlete Placement (CAP) Program is a key signature program.