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We are thrilled to announce our Western REGIONAL NATIONAL EVENT POOL as well as the  REGIONAL EVENT POOL .

We evaluated  over 80 players from Arizona, Colorado, El Paso and Washington with 26 players  making the Western Region National Event Pool. Great Job to all players!!

Please remember players will continue to  be evaluated for the opportunity to participate in the National event in Dallas coming in December.  So keep up the hard work!! 


a great event with our western region.  Thank you to Colorado, Arizona and El Paso for joining us here in Wa.  The event was a huge success! 

The School of Excellence is an advanced program for the top players in the country where they get the opportunity to compete for a spot in a trip to Dortmund, Germany. The top 18 male players and 18 female players are chosen to be trained and evaluated from BVB coaching staff, explore the city, attend BVB matches, and play in a friendly match against a German professional team. The School of Excellence is divided into Regional and National teams that travel and participate in events in places such as Egypt, Germany, Scotland and China, not to mention the Regional and National events here in the US.