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BVB International Academy is proud to announce the final selection for the BVB IA School of Excellence National Pools and Team Trip for 2023!

After many months of hard work, competition, evaluations, and time dedicated to making themselves the very best player they can be, their hard work has been recognized through the selection process within the Talent ID program. These players began the selection process in the fall of 2022 culminating in being selected to participate in the National ID event in Dallas, Texas.

The School of Excellence is dedicated to identifying the highest level of talent within the BVB International Academy by the leadership of each of the 12 affiliate clubs as well as by current Borussia Dortmund Youth Academy and coaches. Throughout the process, the players are asked to compete within their age group for the opportunity to be selected for their regional pools.

Once selected at the regional level, they then travel to compete for a national pool position. As the competition progresses, the talent pool is concentrated so that by the end, approximately 350 players come together to compete for the National Pool rosters. From the National Pool then 18 boys and 18 girls are selected as the School of Excellence 2023 Team.


This year, the School of Excellence (SOE) Trip for the boys consists of the 2007, 2008, 2009 age groups, and for the girls, players were selected from the 2004/2005, 2006 and 2007 age groups.

The School of Excellence was started in 2019 as a part of the real and authentic professional player pathway that BVB International Academy (BVBIA) provides for our players. Together with our College Athlete Placement (CAP) program, BVB IA offers players the full range of opportunities from the earliest ages of 4 years old as Mini Bees to the CAP Program and School of Excellence Program for the high school players. From attending college as a student-athlete to the opportunity to play professionally, both the boys and the girls programs offer the unique opportunities of being partnered with one of the very best professional European clubs in the world.

These 36 deserving players selected for the School of Excellence trip will experience first-hand the highest levels of competition and training while on their 7 day trip to Dortmund, Germany. They will train at the Youth Academy, compete against the academy / professional teams and have the opportunity to be a part of the professional European experience very few

players ever see. The players will also have an opportunity to encounter the culture, heritage and traditions of Borussia Dortmund and feel the heartbeat of the club as they traverse the city of Dortmund. These 36 players will attend a BVB game at their home field- Signal Iduna. Here on display is the authentic intensity and passion that is Borussia Dortmund.

We wish to congratulate all the players who were selected for the National Pools as well as for the 2023 SOE Trip Team. We are proud of all of our players, and join their teams, parents, families and friends with a hearty congratulations to each of them.

We believe that with the team trip opportunity also comes great responsibility for each of the 26 players who will train in Dortmund. We know that they will represent BVB International Academy with character and intensity throughout the trip.

Join us from March 12th through March 20th on Social media while we watch the trip and the opportunities unfold- @bvbiaa and @bvbiantx!


School of Excellence National Team Players BIRTH YEAR
AJ Rosen 2007
Elijah Gradilla 2008
Zahni Dembrow 2007
Rashane Braidy 2008
Luca Fuerte 2008
Kasim Merchant 2008
Albert Calzada 2008
Josh Rojas 2007
Caiden Jurek 2007
Jeremiah Jones 2007
Aldair Flowers 2007
Julio Garcia 2009
Nias Blanton 2009
Talan Weston 2008
James Mastrangelo 2008
Michael Leibla-Gonzales 2008
Dominiq Garza 2007
Samuel Sedeh 2009

National Player Pool

Xaxi Lisek 2012 Nasir Yasin 2011 Wyatt Scharff 2008
Omar Kennoy Brown '13 2012 Fynn Holloway 2011 Jasper Piepergerdes 2008
Valentin Vasquez 2012 Jaun Bluhn 2011 Ian Lieb 2009
Derek Mayorga 2012 Eli Egeonu 2011 Aydan Fisher 2007
Braylin Marin 2012 Adyen Anwar 2011 Dayton Tran 2009
Samuel Block 2012 Gavin Turnage 2011 Sulitan Surete 2008
Liam McClean 2012 Aaron Johnson 2011 Gilberto Villa 2008
Roman Renud 2012 Gian Blanchard 2011 Axel Alvarado 2009
Mason Williams 2012 Mayon Beaty 2011 Kaiden Helm 2009
Raad Safa 2012 Logan Schroeder 2011 Cort Laurence 2007
Sami Safa 2012 Nate Hanks 2011 DJ Summons 2007
Santiago Rodriguez 2012 Victor Acevedo-Kunz 2011 Tallyn Lord 2007
Keane Hoffmann 2011
Jakub Urbanowiz 2011
Moses Palaci 2011
Michael Ciezki 2011
Eli Mierzejewski 2011
Alan Dybas 2011
Eamon O'Conner 2011
Luke Garven 2011





BVB IA WA - Regional Program

This is an overview of BVB International Academy Regional program

We are so proud of Fynn! He was selected 1 of 5 players at this age from North America to go to Germany as part of the School of Excellence  Elite Training Camp! He is in for an experience of a life time!!  Way to go FYNN!




We offer year round programs in the Renton/South Bellevue area and Seattle.  We frequently participate in summer tournaments and our teams play both a fall league and spring league season.  Click on your preferred location for more details.

Renton and Seattle are excited to come together to offer a unique opportunity in the  BVB IA WA-Regional Program  as well.

BVB International Academy ID Clinic

Purpose:  The BVB International Academy WA ID Clinic has been created to seek out top talent in Washington. We aim to provide players the opportunity to showcase their talents, at college showcases and ultimately be identified as top players within the International Academy system for a chance for the professional pathway via Borussia Dortmund.

What Happens Next: From this clinic, player pathways will be opened to represent BVB IA America in local, regional and/or national events.  Through these events, the most elite players will be identified with an opportunity to travel and train in Dortmund, Germany. 

Specific Outcome: It is anticipated that 32 players each year will be invited to train at one of the most prestigious European soccer academies recognized worldwide for player development.

Overall Benefit of the BVB IA ID Clinic: This program is a direct benefit for any player who plays for the  BVB International Academy.  The opportunity to be identified as an elite BVB IA player through the ID Clinic carries with it a responsibility of character and passion for the game as well as representing the BVB brand with the highest standards.


SoE Day 1....Opening Ceremonies... After a long 10 hr flight across the pond. Here we are at the BVBIA School of Excellence opening ceremony.
Players were individually introduced and presented with a shirt. Even the coaches got in on the act!